About the Golden Triangle

I believe that money makes the world go round. In this world we can find people who agree with me and want to be a part of the race called money multiplication, as well as find people who due to various reasons do not wish to actively participate in this race. I enjoy being a part of the race and feel that to survive and excel in this race we need to accept that change is the only permanent thing in life. We need to embrace this fact and work towards adapting to this change.

I believe that money multiplication is not just beneficial to an individual or corporation but to the entire society. I am a firm believer that enterprises apart from creating money for themselves, they also create employment and in turn create money for individuals. These individual in turns spend money and increase the allied businesses and so the chain reaction goes on.  So the every unit of money invested in a company directly or indirectly leads to earnings for many individuals and so growth in general. Especially in today’s environment, where enterprise building is not a right only of the select few, the pace of money multiplication race has increased.

To me Money, Enterprises and Socio-Economic Growth form a Golden triangle and these components cannot stand on their own, they are in-turn run by each other.

So to sum up placing money on winning enterprises leads to a better socio-economic life and in turn leads to socio-economic growth. We call this growth as the betterment of human kind. The enterprises we bet money on, vary from time to time, enterprises which would cater to our present/future needs or concerns are always in great demand. Some years back we bet on information technology companies because they were the ones who eased our lives a lot,today we are betting on clean energy companies because we know that energy is going to be a major concern for us in the future. So the individual members of this triangle may change but the framework would remain the same.


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